Evidence-based leadership education for CRNAs

This new professional development program from American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology (AANA) creates CRNA practice and volunteer leaders with the skills and expertise to:

✓  Achieve personal and professional goals

✓  Improve patient care in any setting

✓  Effectively advocate for nurse anesthesiology at the state level

✓  Advance the nurse anesthesiology profession

Developed by and for CRNAs

AANA Ascend originates with AANA and is powered by world-renowned consulting firm Korn Ferry, so CRNAs receive insights and value not available in other leadership education programs.


6-month learning journey changes perspectives and behavior over time


Contemporary, cutting-edge curriculum provides timely, practical insights and up-to-date info


Research and evidence-based approach supports curriculum with real-world data


Highly customized program design fits CRNAs' career demands and realities

CRNAs transform from clinicians to leaders

Throughout the six-month AANA Ascend Leadership Developmental Journey, CRNAs grow their skills in fundamental areas such as building trust, appreciating differences, and shaping culture. CRNAs also gain new energy, new insights for leadership, and the ability to evaluate their leadership style and performance more objectively.

New standard for developing CRNA leadership skills

CRNA practice and volunteer leaders who participate in AANA Ascend achieve more of their personal and professional goals because they:

  • Communicate authentically, effectively, and confidently
  • Possess self-awareness vital to gathering feedback and inspiring options
  • Value diversity, encourage collaboration, and build inclusive teams
  • Base strategies and decisions on practical experience
  • Manage conflict, ensure accountability, and guarantee results


A kickoff meeting to establish group rapport and encourage positive interactions

Regular assessment that develops self-awareness and demonstrates CRNAs' ability to perform required capabilities

Virtual learning sessions that allow busy CRNAs to learn, practice, and apply program material anywhere, anytime

Peer coaching that facilitates leader collaboration and support between learning sessions

Access to timely, related digital content for continued learning and knowledge

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